Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Midsized Businesses - Hiring and Talent Development

According to the recent ADP report, 43% of midsized businesses (50 to 1,000 employees) intend to grow headcount in the next 12 months and approximately half of them feel that they do not have the tools to develop and retain their people.{651E393E-93E4-4FBB-BC3E-3E8A800E2DF7}

If you are a hiring manager in a growth situation it is key to find people that are motivated and capable of taking the next step.  Over hiring someone could be one solution but developing questions to understand candidate’s motivations and capabilities are key to the interview process.

We can help find the right people and help hiring managers with screening and interview preparation.  Contact me for more information.

Bryon McDougall


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