Friday, January 4, 2013

January Job Postings for CPA's and Accountants

Are you concerned that there is not much out there right now?  Don't worry you are looking at the slowest time of the year.  It is quarter or year end close time and most people are coming back from holiday time off,  the first thing everyone needs to do is get some work done before they start looking to bring on a new employee.  Once up for air the postings will start appearing.

What you should consider doing to find a role now:

Job Postings from November and December - These could still be available, hiring managers have been out of the office and not able to conduct interviews.  If you see something posted from 30 to 60 days ago and have not applied you may try now.  It will not hurt you and if still available you may stand out more now than if you did when the position was first posted.

Temporary or consulting roles - People need help because it is a busy time.  It is a great idea to take on a project for the next 2 to 6 weeks.  Job postings will appear in grater numbers mid to late January and continue to increase through the entire first quarter.  Interview processes last 2 to 6 weeks (maybe longer) so if you commit to a project for one to two months you can still applying for a full time jobs next week and the timing for one to end and the other to start should work out.

Reconnect with your network and let them know you are open to change.  This includes recruiting relationships, former bosses and peers.

I hope this helps, contact me if you want to talk about the market.

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